August Spectra of the Month: Solar Eclipse

August Spectra of the Month: Solar Eclipse
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The Avantes team took a field trip to Wyoming this month to witness the solar eclipse. We could hardly let the opportunity pass without collecting some spectra


Equipment used

The Avantes team set up an AvaTrek-Irradiance field kit featuring:

Wavelength Rage:  200-1160nm


Beginning at first contact, we collected spectra measurements each minute for the first hour of the partial eclipse phase. At twenty minutes prior to second contact at the onset of totality, through totality, and continuing five minutes past third contact (end of totality), we collected spectra every 100 ms. For 30-40 minutes longer into third contact, we returned to a scan per minute sample rate.

The spectra data shown here is was taken between first contact and second contact (start of totality) and collected once per minute during the initial phase of the eclipse.

Setup Pictures

 IMG 4958IMG 4954IMG 4937


Spectra Images

Eclipse Solar Spectra
preliminary solar flash data from eclipse
Solar Spectra Collected by NCAR

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