May Spectra of the Month: Thin Film Transmission Measurement

May Spectra of the Month: Thin Film Transmission Measurement
May Spectra of the Month: Thin Film Transmission Measurement
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The Avantes engineering team is working on the development of a new thin film trade show demo we will be unveiling at Semi Con West. While we can't show you the demo itself yet, we have been doing some testing. These very successful tests resulted in collecting very exciting spectra that we can't wait until Semi Con West to share. 

This month we showcase transmission spectra collected from a 7 cm long glass slide substrate with a transparent film of linearly increasing thickness. Measurements were taken at pre-determined intervals to simulate in situ monitoring of the deposition process.

Transmission was measured at 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50cm from the starting edge, where the starting and ending thicknesses are unknown. As thickness increased, so too did the number of interference patterns peaks. These interference peaks correlate with the interference patterns that are used to determine film thickness.


  • Light Source: Demo L08 AvaLight-DHc
  • Fibers: FC-UVIR600-1-BX (qty 2)
  • Accessories: COL-UV/VIS (qty 2)
  • Accessories: Transmission Stage
  • Spectrometer: Demo C04 AVASPEC-ULS2048CL-RS-EVO 1703374U1
AVASPEC-ULS2048CL-RS-EVO spectrometer technical specs
Detector S11639

Grating Batch #


Order Sorting Coating

 OSC-UA Entrance Slit 25-RS
Detector Lens DCL-UV/VIS-200 Wavelength Range 200 - 1100
Grating UA Wavelength used by customer 310 - 1050
Lines/mm 300 Resolution FWHM 1.00
Blaze 350 FWHM Catalog 1.40 = 25µm slit fully filled




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Broadview Thin Film Transmission Measurements

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AvaSpec Mini
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