August Spectra of the Month: Plant Reflection

Leaf Spectra
Leaf Spectra
Leaf Spectra||| Leaf Spectra|||

Autumn is approaching and with it a new crop of research projects will be kicking off. In anticipation, and to demonstrate Avantes spectrometers capabilities in field spectroscopy measurements, we used our AvaSpec-2048CL-Mini (200-1100 nm) to capture reflection spectra from a leaf.

Measurement Methodology


1) Set up spectrometer and sampling accessories in the testing area.

2) The plant was illuminated through the 6 around 1 FCR reflection probe and the WS2 white reference tile was used to calibrate the results.

3) First, the spectra were obtained using the standard reflection probe holder, next the team switched to the leaf clip to obtain spectra measurements.

4) The same 2.5 millisecond integration time was used for both measurements with 100 spectra averaging.


Light Source Avalight-HAL-S-Mini
Reflection Probe FCR-UVIR400-2-BX
Spectrometer AvaSpec-2048CL-MINI (UA Grating 200-1100 nm)
Probe Holder RPH (Reflection Probe Holder)
Sampling Accessories    Leaf Clip
  WS2 (White Reference Tile)


Predictably the reflectance spectra taken from the leaf sample contained more green light reflected (hence we see it as green) than other colors with a peak around 550 nm. This peak is typical of the chlorophyl spectra. The reflected spectra also show high reflectance in the NIR due to internal scattering in the mesophyll structure.



Spectra Images


Fireworks Spectra Batch 1
Leaf Spectra
Fireworks Spectra Batch 2
Equipment Setup

Setup Images

Fireworks Spectra Batch 3
Measurement Design

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