September Spectra of the Month: NIR with Flour

September Spectra of the Month: NIR with Flour
September Spectra of the Month: NIR with Flour
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To showcase the capabilities of our newest NIR instruments in an experiment related to agriculture and horticulture. If this experiment was run for a prolonged period of time in an environment with changing temperatures, one of our TEC cooled models would be preferred. In the lab environment and short integrations times for this experiment, it was not necessary. Ultimately, water, protein, sugar content, and other such ingredient quantifications can be chemometrically modeled using diffuse reflectance NIR spectroscopy in the food industry.


Spectrometer AvaSpec-NIR-512-1.7-EVO - Slit 100
Lightsource/ Integrating Sphere AvaSphere-50-LS-Hal
Fiber Optic Cable FC-UVIR600-1-BX
Sampling Accessories    WS2 (White Reference Tile)
  Petri Dish


Using the petri dish as the sample holder, the absorption of different flours was measured for the wavelength band of 850-1690 because this region of the NIR is quite absorptive when it comes to organic materials. The AvaSphere-50-LS was positioned with the measurement port on the top, with the WS-2 white reflection time used as a reference.  As expected, we saw very similar, yet distinctly different absorption curves for all four of the flours. The spectral data processing of this data using derivatives, for example, would accentuate the spectral differences allowing for identification of samples. Panorama Pro software can be used seamlessly with Avantes spectrometers for the development of chemometric models.



Spectra Images


Flour Sample Spectra
Spectra of All Flour Samples
NIR Flour test spectrometer settings
Spectrometer Settings

Setup Images

NIR FLuor meas equipment setup
Measurement Design

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zip file of spectra data

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