Fluorescence application note

Fluorescence application note
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Why Avantes for your Fluorescence application?

  • Range to cover most/all measurements i.e. High Sensitivity, High Resolution, Cooled & Uncooled
  • High Resolution spectrometers for resolving fluorescent markers e.g. in anti counterfeiting applications
  • We’ve got the spectrometers for all/most types of Fluorescence measurements

Application note: Testing leakage of cooling water of (nuclear) power plant by using a Fluorescence tracer

In Japan there are many (nuclear) power plants and they are all build on a rocky based bottom. These rocks also have underground water streams, in case of an earthquake radioactive cooling water might leak through the rocks into these clear water streams and spread the radio-active radiation on to a greater area, which will be extremely dangerous for environment and all living creatures.

For the company Taisei Kiso Sekkei we developed a special flow cell with an integrated LED 480 nm, an AvaSpec with a backthinned detector (VB grating and SLIT 200) will detect the fluorescence in the control room.