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Why Avantes for your Chemical applications?

  • Knowledge on applications (turbidity,flowcell, fluorescence)
  • High temperature probes (raman, uv/vis)
  • Spectroelectrochemistry; triggering, store to ram
  • World wide network in this field

In the field of chemical spectroscopy there are an unlimited number of applications. Chemical reactions are dynamic processes that vary with changing conditions which result in a various way of techniques. From enzyme reactions within our cells to photosynthesis in leaves, chemical reactions play a vital role in every aspect of our lives. Factors like concentration, temperature, pressure and the presence of a catalyst affect the speed of a reaction. The study of chemical kinetics is used to characterize these processes and improve our understanding of how these factors and others change the outcome of a chemical reaction. 

One of the most evolving techniques for monitoring chemical reactions is Raman Spectroscopy. Read more in our Raman section

Fluorescence is also used very often to investigate the behaviour of Chemical compounds.