Biomedical applications

Biomedical applications
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Avantes has extensive experience in the biomedical industry. Over the years, we have supported the development of both non-invasive and invasive spectrometry solutions for tissue and blood parameter measurements.

Some of the important medical indicators which Avantes has worked with include oxygen, hemoglobin, cytochrome and water concentration measurements in tissues and in the venous system. The AvaSpec-ULS2048-USB2 and our SensLine instruments are frequently recommended for these applications. The AvaLight-HAL tungsten halogen light source provides an excellent, high-stability VIS/NIR source for biomedical applications involving reflection measurements. Avantes worked successfully with many customers to enable continuous measurements of oxygen saturation, concentration of total, oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin.

Some examples of implementations of Avantes solutions:

  • Angiology / Pharmacology - Monitoring of the oxygen saturation after the application of vaso-active substances. Oxygen changes caused by Reynaud syndrome and microcirculation diseases in tissue.
  • Dermatology - Detection of local -regional perfusion diseases, recurrence of melanomas.
  • Diabetology - Micro-angiopathy, early detection of Endotheld dysfunction and ulceration.
  • Cardio surgery - Oxygen consumption of the heart muscle during and after bypass operations.
  • Neurosurgery / Oncology - Quantifying of oxygen consumption of (brain) tumors before/after radiation or operations.
  • Pediatry / Gynecology - monitoring of oxygen concentration of critically ill newborns during birth.
  • Plastic surgery / Transplantation medicine - Monitoring of transplanted and re-implanted tissues, bones or organs
  • Accident surgery - Characterization of burned or frozen skin tissues.
  • European project: Cancer diagnosis with miniature spectrometers - Watch the video here


Avantes has created a setup made especially for biomedical applications. This bundle can non-invasively measure all sorts of medical parameters.

For more information on biomedical applications, please visit our overview of solutions.