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Spectrometers 46 | info@avantes.com | www.avantes.com AvaSpec-Fast StarLine Ultra-fast Spectrometer for High-speed Applications AvaSpec-Fast For ultra-fast spectral acquisition the AvaSpec-Fast offers the best solution. Up to 5637 spectra can be stored at 0.20 ms per scan using Avantes unique store-to- RAM functionality. Depending on the con- figuration chosen, between 1254 and 5637, spectra can be stored during one burst. The AvaSpec-FAST series is available in five different configurations; the difference being the number of active pixels. More pixels provide higher resolution or more bandwidth, but slower minimum integra- tion time. For all models, start/stop pixels can be set in our software to increase the number of scans stored on board over a shorter wavelength range. The AvaSpec-FAST can be configured in CR or SS mode. CR, or continuous run mode, means a single external trigger (through the DB26-connector) results in a customer- set number of scans automatically to be measured. SS-mode, for single scan, means a single spectrum is acquired at every external trigger. CR or SS mode must be specified at the time of order. Possible configurations are single or dual channel, desktop or Rack-mounted. The instrument is available with all the options and gratings of the AvaSpec-ULS2048. The AvaSpec Fast serie is based on the AvaSpec-ULS2048. Optional it can also be based upon the AvaSpec-ULS2048L. Technical Data FAST Series Model Min Integration Time Pixels Max. Frequency (Hz) in CR-Store to RAM Max amount of spectra Store to RAM AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2 0.20 ms 350 5000 5637 AvaSpec-ULS750F-USB2 0.40 ms 750 2500 2716 AvaSpec-ULS950F-USB2 0.50 ms 950 2000 2157 AvaSpec-ULS1350F-USB2 0.70 ms 1350 1400 1528 AvaSpec-ULS1650F-USB2 0.85 ms 1650 1100 1254 Grating Selection Table for AvaSpec-FAST Grating Lines/ mm Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS350F (nm) Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS750F (nm) Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS950F (nm) Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS1350F (nm) Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS1650F (nm) Z 150 400 850 900 n.a. n.a. A 300 190 400 520 750 900 B 600 90 200 250 360 450 C 1200 45 100 120 180 210 D 1800 30 60 80 110 140 E 2400 20 45 50 80 100 F 3600 10 27 30 50 60 Ordering Information AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2 • Ultra-fast Fiber-optic Spectrometer, 75 mm low stray-light AvaBench, 350 pixel CCD detector, USB/RS-232 interface, incl. AvaSoft-Basic, USB2 cable. Specify grating, wavelength range and options AvaSpec-ULS750F-USB2 • As AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2, but 750 pixel CCD detector AvaSpec-ULS950F-USB2 • As AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2, but 950 pixel CCD detector AvaSpec-ULS1350F-USB2 • As AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2, but 1350 pixel CCD detector AvaSpec-ULS1650F-USB2 • As AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2, but 1650 pixel CCD detector Options • See AvaSpec-ULS2048-USB2