Benno Oderkerk - CEO
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Benno Oderkerk, director and founder of Avantes 

Our vision is to enrich the lives of mankind in the world we live in. It all started almost 25 years ago in a shed in Eerbeek and now, many years later we have a team of over seventy people working in Apeldoorn, creating innovative products. As a born entrepreneur, during my studies I discovered my passion for medical technology and the need for innovative measurement devices for continuous health monitoring. Spectroscopy is a wonderful technique that enables such applications. As CEO of Avantes it is important to have direct contacts with our innovative customers and the technology. It is vital to consider how the market is developing and how we can continue to be a key player in this market. The secret of Avantes’ success is listening to our clients, the growth strategy has a focus on developing the OEM markets. In my personal life my wife and me have three grown up children, who all have gone their own directions in life. My personal hobby is trail running, the ideal combination of staying fit, being in the nature and a good balance for long working hours.