Ger Loop - Product Manager
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Ger Loop, Product Manager

As a Product Manager, my primary focus is in developing new products. I look at what we need in order to give the market as complete a package as possible. Therefore I carry out market analysis, visit exhibitions and research what it is that customers want. I think it is important that as a company, we stay innovative. An important part of that, which we are currently working on within product management team, is optimising the spectrometers. This is a trend and requirement that we are seeing in the market. In addition to my main job, I also provide training courses and lectures at universities, as well as within the company. I have always believed in sharing knowledge  In my opinion, I think it’s  a winning  formula for the business. By sharing your knowledge, you show people that you are an open, smart and  competent partner. What I love about this company is the enthusiasm from all employees and the fact that we have our own unique product. As a product manager I decide, with my colleagues, what the future of Avantes will look like.