Klaas Otten - OEM Manager
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Klaas Otten, OEM Manager (Original Equipment Manufacturer Manager) 

My position as OEM Manager requires me to focus on our OEM customers. These are clients who use our instruments to create their own products. We produce tailor-made products for them and because of this, I have a lot of contact with the clients. I have to ‘interview’ each client to find out what it is that they require. Sometimes the client doesn't even know exactly what he needs. He just wants a solutions for his problem. If this is the case, we can share our extensive knowledge with them. We guide and help the client and we take the time to do this. I have worked in this field for 15 years and thoroughly enjoy it. In recent years, OEM clients have become more and more important; a large part of our business comes from this group. Content is of importance to them and they are often creating new ideas and technologies. This makes the contact with our clients very inspiring. I also travel a lot and I am busy with new developments which I really enjoy.