AvaTrek Spectroscopy Field Kit

AvaTrek Spectroscopy Field Kit
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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Today’s researchers and scientists are exploring exciting new applications for spectroscopy measurements in the field. Now you can get real-time spectroscopy measurements anywhere with the Avantes AvaTrek field spectroscopy kit.

Introducing the AvaTrek

Avantes’ Answer to Field Measurements

Avantes, a world leader in the design of compact spectroscopy equipment, has listened to what our customers want: real-time, in-the-field measurements with our world class spectrometers and light sources. Our rugged, and dependable field AvaTrek spectroscopy kits are available only in the U.S.

Preconfigured Spectroscopy Bundles for Common Applications




AvaTrek-ABF Absorption Fluorescence Spectroscopy Field Kit

Our most popular absorption solutions are stowed in rugged, secure field cases that include:



AvaTrek-REF Reflectance Spectroscopy Field Kit

For reliable reflectance measurements on the go, our best-selling reflection instrumentation includes:



AvaTrek-IRRAD Irradiance Spectroscopy Field Kit

Irradiance spectra measurements on the go with the Avantes recommended irradiance package, including: