Avantes Presenting at RMCAVS

Avantes Presenting at RMCAVS
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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The American Vacuum Society is an interdisciplinary professional society founded in 1953 and dedicated to the science and technology of materials, interfaces, and processing. The Rocky Mountain chapter serves Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Utah. RMCAVS hosts an annual symposium highlighting research, applications, and technology developed by chapter members. The RMCAVS event includes short course educational opportunities and outreach through the Colorado Association of Science Teachers to provide monetary awards and grants to outstanding physical science teachers. To register or for more information, visit the RMCAVS 2018 Symposium website.

Avantes Thin Film Presentation

Avantes, in conjunction with Dr. Alan Streeter from Boulder Optical, will be presenting a talk titled "Broadband Optical Monitoring to facilitate High Accuracy Thin Film Processes." You can attend this event on September 13th at 11 a.m.


Broadband optical monitoring is becoming more popular and is being applied to a variety of new thin film processes. It is quite accurate, and because it allows for watching spectral features develop over a wide range of wavelengths, it avoids problems with insensitive layers that plague single-wavelength optical monitoring.

We will discuss different types of processes, types of optical monitoring, and their precision and accuracy. We will evaluate and describe real-time analysis and demonstrate process control software and how it can be applied to thin film monitoring.   We will present a simulated monitoring process system.

Optical instrumentation configurations and considerations for thin film monitoring will be presented with a focus on spectroscopic techniques.


Alan D. Streater, president of Boulder Optical Design Inc., has a Ph.D. in physics (JILA/NIST, U. of Co. 1985). He worked 2.5 years on postdoctoral research (Leiden University), and then spent 11 years in the Physics Department at Lehigh University (tenured 1995), specializing in the interaction of light and matter, followed by 11 years in the optics industry (Research Electro-Optics and Boulder Optical Design, Inc.). Dr. Streater has 40 publications, including several patents and pending patents.