Field Spectroscopy Sampling Accessories

Field Spectroscopy Sampling Accessories
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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Avantes offers a variety of rugged, field portable accessories to facilitate your measurements on biological or non-biological samples.  These can facilitate reflection, transmission or irradiance measurements in the field.

Cosine Correctors

90 Degree Cosine Corrector (COL-90-UV/VIS-CC-CRADLE) – For outside solar irradiance measurements there is nothing like the COL-90-UV/VIS-CC-CRADLE which facilitates laying the cosine corrector on a table or surface with a fiber connected to an irradiance calibrated spectrometer as the spectroradiometer.

Fiber Holders

Angled Fiber Holder (AFH-15) and Reflection Probe Holder (RPH-1) – The AFH-15 facilitates reflection measurements using small tipped fiber optic probes or metal ferrule tipped fiber optics at various angles in 15-degree intervals.  The RPH-1 is designed for reflection measurements normal to (180 degrees) or at 45 degrees from your sample with any of Avantes standard reflection probes.

pagina 126 afh ocular vrijstaandReflection Probes

Small tipped reflection probes (FCR-7UVIR200-2-1.5x100) are ideal for measuring small samples such as insects or features on avian plumage or eggs.  This probe is available in a special configuration (FCR-7UVIR100-2-1x25) for use with the AFH-Ocular which is probe holder with an optic for viewing the exact measurement spot on a sample. 


The AvaTripod is another great accessory to facilitate irradiance measurements or remote sensing.  The fully adjustable legs and swivel top allow for many configurations of measurements.

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