Avantes Goes Solar

Avantes Goes Solar
Sustainable Business
Sustainable Business  
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Monday, 20 March 2017

To be More Sustainable, Avantes Increases Solar Power Usage.

Avantes is dedicated to using light-based technology to improve lives so it was little wonder when we decided to go solar. Avantes produces half of its energy consumption from photovoltaic solar panels installed on the roof.

The Avantes Mission

The decision to increase solar power capacity was directly inspired by Avantes’ mission to provide state of the art, innovative measuring equipment that helps mankind live longer and healthier while saving the planet for generations to come. Our company is dedicated to improving the world around us, and improving our sustainability makes good business sense.The benefits to increasing our solar energy use go beyond cost savings on our utilities. Using more solar power also reduces our carbon footprint, increases our plant’s property value, and it even boosts morale when our employees take pride in working for a “green” company.

Sustainable Business

Avantes settled its headquarters in the city of Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, in October of 2011. The city, which first adopted a sustainability policy in 1997, encourages the use of renewable energy. Deputy Mayor for Economic Affairs and Sustainability of the city of Apeldoorn was on-hand March 1st with Avantes CEO, Benno Oderkerk, for the unveiling of Avantes’ new solar farm.

The Avantes solar installation covers the roof of both wings of the facility on the Old Apeldoornseweg and consists of 402 East-West panels. The panels began producing electricity immediately and will provide an estimated power output of 108,540 Watts, 493 Amperes at 220 Volts; enough to power 22 homes. Avantes will raise about 50% of its electricity needs from the new solar panels.

The Avantes solar farm is not the only green initiative at the Avantes headquarters. The company has worked hard to eliminate the consumption of fossil fuels as much as possible. The facilities are heated with a heat pump to limit energy consumption compared to traditional heating systems, the company uses only hybrid commercial vehicles and makes effort to reduce waste produced at the facility.

The Avantes solar array, which began producing electricity immediately, is now the primary source of power for the energy consuming heat pump and environmental systems at the company headquarters. Additionally, Avantes intends to produce our spectrometers with zero energy consumption (climate neutral) at least 30 days per year initially.

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