Announcing: AvaSoft 8.7.0 Release

Announcing: AvaSoft 8.7.0 Release
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Avantes Is excited to announce the July 2017 release of AvaSoft version 8.7.0. The Windows-based AvaSoft software suite offers a user friendly interface for instrument control and user-definable data collection parameters and users can display and export data easily.

uv regions

Version 8.7 offers several improvements and new features, including: 

  • Raman module updates and bug fixes
  • Added custom dark reflectance
  • Support added for 4096 pixel CMOS detector
  • Added optional UV regions to chart
  • Added extra line in Excel export sheet, with date/time info
  • Added support for Ethernet recovery
  • Default plug-in applications were moved from separate .DLL files to main .EXE file

The AvaSoft-Raman module is available as a stand-alone application or can be added to AvaSoft-Full. This module was improved in this update and offers spectrometer control while supporting all of the common Raman wavelengths and measuring Raman shift

custom darkCustom Dark Reflectance Settings

Custom dark flectance settings allow the user to input their own dark correction values when using a sample standard. This zeroes the reflectance values when taking a dark reference for color measurements whereas the custom white standard designates reflectance values of 100% across the board when referencing. This will result in a dynamic range of 0% to 100% for all wavelengths.

Optional UV Regions

The “UV regions” feature shows the different uv bands in the spectrum similar to the “visible spectrum” feature which shows the colors in the plot at their respective wavelengths.

Downloading the latest version of AvaSoft requires website registration, after you have registered, you are able to download the latest version of Avasoft by navigating to “support”, and then “downloads.” If you continue to have issues downloading your AvaSoft software please contact our Support department ().