Avantes’ New Year’s Resolution

Avantes’ New Year’s Resolution
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Thursday, 04 January 2018

Avantes is greeting 2018 with the announcement of several new products we will be unveiling at SPIE Photonics West. The new 2018 product lineup has one thing in common, the highest possible resolution available on the market.

Visit the Avantes booths at SPIE BiOS Expo, booth #8656, and SPIE Photonics West Exhibition, booth #1815 to see live demos featuring the new all-star Avantes lineup and discover how Resolution is Avantes’ New Year’s Resolution.

AvaSpec Compact MiniIt’s Small, It’s Mighty- The New AvaSpec-Mini

Arguably the star of 2018, the AvaSpec-Mini4096CL has the first on the market 4096 pixel CMOS detector for even better noise reduction and thermal stability in the same compact footprint and versatility as the rest of the AvaSpec CompactLine. The resolution on the newest AvaSpec-Mini up to 0.1 nm is incredible in the 200-1100 nm wavelength range and the enhanced native UV response of the CMOS detectors, but the real story behind the new generation of AvaSpec-Mini may be the implementation of optical alignment assembly which delivers incomparable unit-to-unit reproducibility and enhanced thermal stability.

Power in the Near-Infrared AvaSpec NIR 1.7 EVO

Also new to the Avantes lineup in 2018, the AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7-EVO offers economical but powerful performance in the NIR out to 1.7 μm. This instrument employs an uncooled InGaAs detector array (256 pixels or 512 pixels) paired with the next-generation EVO AS7010 electronics board for ultra-low noise and features software controlled dual-mode gain settings for High-Sensitivity (HS, default) or Low-Noise (LN) optimization.

The NIR-256-1.7, employing the 256-pixel (50 μm x 500 μm) array, is incredibly fast with sample speeds of 1.06 ms/scan, and integration times as short as 10 μs. The InGaAs array powering the NIR-512-1.7 (512 pixels, 25 μm x 500 μm) offers twice the number of pixels as the 256 for improved resolution. The instrument provides for multiple communication options including USB3.0 high speed, Gigabit Ethernet and RS-232 for laboratory or inline versatility.

AvaSpec ULS2048CL EVO CMOS 292x240The ULS2048 Evolves, Too

For 2018, Avantes is featuring an upgrade to the very popular Ultra-Low Straylight AvaSpec-ULS2048 series, the AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO features our top-of-the-line 2048 pixel CMOS detector paired with the newest EVO AS7010 electronics and fast, versatile USB3.0 communication with 10X faster speed than USB2 and a second communication port for GigaEthernet integration.  The onboard microprocessor and 50X more memory increase internal storage and greater functionality.

The leading-edge CMOS technology in place of traditional CCD detectors in the AvaSpec-ULS2048L readies this very popular spectrometer design for the next decade. Detector collection lens options offer enhanced sensitivity in the 200-1100 nm range and order sorting filters reduce 2nd order effects. Bench top models pair with AvaLight sources and accessories or choose OEM models with an integrated spectrometer or optical bench only options.

Special Encore AvaSpec HERO

The AvaSpec-HERO, introduced in 2017, continues to draw attention for high resolution without sacrificing sensitivity. The Hero pairs the high-performance thermos-electrically cooled back-thinned CCD (1024x58 pixels) detector with next-gen EVO AS7010 advanced electronics for an optimized signal to noise performance. Single-stage thermo-electric cooling drops S/N even further to 1200:1 with a resolution to 0.2- 7 nm depending on configuration. Enhanced onboard processing and memory complement USB3.0 and GigaEthernet communications for incredible speed as well. It’s easy to see why this instrument is our hero.

field kitSpecial for the North American Market

For the reliability and versatility of Avantes spectrometers on the go, the AvaTrek field spectroscopy kit delivers a custom-formed, waterproof hardshell rugged plastic case packed with top of the line Avantes spectroscopy instruments. Select a preconfigured kit designed to meet the needs of common spectroscopy applications or customize your kit to your ideal standards. Each case is lined with custom die-cut foam to match instrument selections and ensure the safe storage and transportation of your valuable equipment.

See Live Demonstrations at SPIE Photonics West

Visit the Avantes booths at BiOS (booth #8656) and Photonics West (booth #1815) to see live demonstrations of the top of the line Avantes instruments and find the ideal solution for your spectroscopy application.