SPIE Photonics West 2019 Preview:

SPIE Photonics West 2019 Preview:
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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

5 - 7 February 2019, Booth 433

 Held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, SPIE Photonics West is the premier laser, photonics and biomedical optics conference in North America. Last year’s attendance was over 23,000 people and is expected to continue to grow this year and in years to follow. Photonics West boasts more than 1,250 exhibiting companies, including Avantes, Inc. Attendees includes researchers, product developers and engineers in the photonics, laser and spectroscopy industries. This event focuses on bringing together researchers and companies around the world that share the same passion for photonics and light research. 

Avantes who is celebrating 25 years in business this year is excited to meet with researchers and industry leaders, and we will be showcasing a variety of product configurations that highlight our capabilities including:

Photonics West Crew 2019 400x300Thin Film Metrology Demonstration:

Thin film coatings serve many purposes across a variety of industries, ranging from the manufacturing of solar photo voltaic cells and optics to coatings on biomedical implants. Avantes offers a variety of instrument configurations ideal for the thin film and coating industry. Spectrometers can be used to measure the optical thickness of a coating or monitor plasma etching processes to support end point detection. This demo simulates a thin film coating chamber and demonstrates how Avantes equipment can be utilized in these applications.

Vacuum Chamber Demonstration:

This demonstration features multiple spectrometers connected to the AvaSoft software platform using our Rackmount EVO multichannel spectrometer and utilizes multiple fibers with a vacuum feed-through to our simulated vacuum chamber to measure high resolution plasma spectra in real time.

Filter Wheel Demonstration:

A filter can affect the wavelengths of light transmitted to the spectrometer while blocking other wavelengths. This demonstration shows the application of Avantes spectrometers to measure the properties of filters.

New Products Launching in 2019 PhotonicsWest Ryan 400x260

Stay tuned for future announcements about these exciting products coming this year from Avantes:


Our new LED light sources feature high-powered LED modules with thermal stabilization for optimal power and stability in a compact illumination source.  They are available in several discrete wavelengths: (385, 407, 530, 625 nm) as well as a white LED option.  The new LEDs are ideally suited to discrete wavelength absorbance measurements or fluorescence excitation. 

Ava-FOS - Fiber Optic Shutter:

The new Ava-FOS facilitates automated inline shuttering capabilities for Avantes spectrometers.  The Ava-FOS directly attaches to the entrance connector on any Avantes spectrometer and interfaces with the HD26 connector on the back of the spectrometer via a small power and control module.  The FOS enables inline shuttering for dark subtraction in high speed and is built to last with a robust solenoid module rated for 10^8 cycles. 


Customers have asked and we deliver!  We look forward to introducing the new optical bench-only solution for the AvaSpec-Mini.  Our new AvaBench-Mini provides the optical resolution and sensitivity of the AvaSpec-Mini without the electronics module. This allows for customers to integrate their own control electronics.  In addition, this it also allows customers to connect the AS7010 electronics module to the Avabench Mini for customers who are seeking a USB3 or ethernet communication protocol with the AvaSpec-Mini configuration.

SPIE, An International Society for Light Research and Optical Engineering

The annual Photonics West event was founded by the International Society for Optical Engineering, otherwise known as SPIE. With the mission to bring together researchers, educators and industry to “advance light-based research and technologies for the betterment of the human condition”. The week-long Photonics West event was created in 1997 as a way to further that vision.

We are excited to note that this will be the 16th year Avantes has supported and attended SPIE and the Photonics West Conference. We welcome this time to meet with our peers in the industry as well as showcase our newest and highest performing products. We appreciate the opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues and peers in the industry and showcase new products Avantes will launch in the year to come.