Tungsten Halogen light sources are mostly used to do measurements in the visible and NIR range. Avalight Halogen sources provide a very stable output combined with a long bulb lifetime. The high stability enables their use in reflection and transmission configurations or as an irradiance calibration light source. Most importantly, the Halogen light’s spectral output is a smooth black body curve which provides for maximized dynamic range.

Deuterium light sources are known for their stable output and are used for UV absorption or reflection measurements. These can also be used as irradiance calibration sources due to their high stability. The standard AvaLight-DH-S mixes the Halogen light with the Deuterium light, thus producing a wide spectral range light source. The output spectrum of Deuterium light sources exhibits several peaks, with a prominent peak at 656nm. The AvaLight-DH-S BAL incorporates a dichroic beam splitter installed to minimize these peaks, providing a smooth spectrum from 200-2500nm.

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