AvaSoft 8.12 is the improved and latest version of our software. We made some adjustments to increase its stability, made it more user-friendly and also some new features were implemented. All new features and fixes are listed below.

You can easily download AvaSoft 8.12 after you login to My Avantes by clicking below button;

Avantes AvaSoft 8.12 software

The software shows the right functionalities you need depending on the connected AvaSpec spectrometer.

New Features

• Live export to Excel now has the same options as live export to ASCII (start delay, interval, number of scans).
• New FOM (Fiber Optic Multiplexer) now supported.
• New rackmount with parallel hardware-trigger enabled on all spectrometers now supported.
• Option to limit the number of channels used on a FOM.
• Reciprocal x-axis now supported, including option to mirror the x-axis.
• The folder for converting AvaSoft7 files is now saved.
• Spectrometer settings: the “Stop Wavelength” value is now limited to the factory stop-pixel.
• Several AvaSoft8 windows can now be closed by pressing ESC.
• Setting the integration time to a value larger than sup ported by the spectrometer will set the value to the maximum value supported now.
• When a lot of spectrometers should show in the “ex ternal trigger options” screen, a scrollbar will now allow the selection of all spectrometers.
• Improved log file.

Bug Fixes

• Creating incorrect timeseries could crash AvaSoft8
• Save/export loaded data (without measurement being active) is possible again.
• Small bug in converting AvaSoft7 irradiance files.
• Access violation when export to ASCII is done with find peak option enabled.
• Starting a second timeseries makes the first one stop.
• Disconnecting a spectrometer that previously was used in live data output could lead to unwanted
behaviour in AvaSoft8.
• Integral function did not function for merged spectra.
• Custom reflectance bug when using a start pixel larger than 0.
• Correct minimum integration time for S11639/S13494 detectors.

Any other questions can be addressed to our support team by using; support@avantes.com or use our contactpage. We are happy to help you.