Without our distributing partners, Avantes wouldn’t be the same. That’s why we would like to put them in the spotlights by introducing them through a short interview. In the spotlights this month: INSCIENCE, located in Russia. We spoke with Svetlana Boyarskaya, Strategic Developer at INSCIENCE.

INSCIENCE is a Russian company, specialized in supplying scientific laboratories in Russia with spectroscopy and optical equipment and lasers. ‘Our enthusiastic team has a clear vision to nurture and assist sustained and growing research activities in the photonics domain in Russia,’ Svetlana explains. ‘Our regular customers are State Universities and high-tech laboratories. We have been operating in the R&D market since 2016. Several years of hard, but enjoyable work yields great results in building our client network. We are delighted to accept a challenge to promote state-of-the-art optical solutions in all Russian territory,’ Svetlana adds.

My acquaintance with Avantes started back in my student years. Who would have thought that years later my company would become a distributor?

About Svetlana Boyarskaya
Svetlana has been working with INSCIENCE from the start and helped build the company from the ground up. ‘I joined INSCIENCE after graduating from Bauman University with a degree in Optoelectronics and Laser Engineering. My key role in the company is the strategic development. The company has two representative offices, so I live in two cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. I like to run all year round,’ Svetlana explains, laughing. ‘In my free time in the short Russian summer I like to ride my wakeboard. I’ve been spending my vacations at sea for eight years doing kitesurfing. The board, cutting waves, and sailing in the sky allow me to find a sense of complete freedom for creative thoughts.’ 

INSCIENCE and Avantes
Even though Avantes and INSCIENCE have been doing business for the past five years, we can now gladly call them our newest distributor! ‘My acquaintance with the Avantes’ equipment started back in my student years, when I was studying at Bauman University,’ Svetlana says. ‘Who would have thought that years later my company would become a distributor?’. When we ask Svetlana why INSCIENCE picked Avantes, she explains: ‘We can always rely on your support, time, and development opportunities. Such partnerships based on trust and transparency are very valuable to us. We know that there is nothing more precious to long-standing effective partnership, so we seize every moment to emphasize this principle. Also, Avantes is a company that keeps up with the growth of science and demands of researchers. Who is a scientist in the 21st century? A researcher, able to combine various fields of physics, materials science, chemistry, and biology into unified research. Avantes’ products are reliable, versatile, modular, convenient, and user-friendly. It helps modern scientists to achieve high-level scientific goals in various research applications and realize groundbreaking ideas. That’s a company we want to work with!’, she concludes. 

We’re proud to call INSCIENCE our newest distributor! We look forward to a bright future together. 


More information about INSCIENCE:
Website: https://in-science.ru
Svetlana’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/svetlana-boyarskaya-64a84950/