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USB cables have a maximum length of 5 meters. This means that controlling your spectrometer from a longer distance is difficult. This is why Avantes developed the AvaGigE: a USB to ethernet converter. Using a USB hub, you can connect the AvaGigE to up to 16 spectrometers with standard USB cables, connect the other side to the network and you're ready to go.

AvaSoft (version 7.7 and higher) and the GigE DLL interface enable connection and control of the spectrometer(s) as if they were right next to you. Data speeds are practically equivalent to a standard USB 2.0 connection. Setup can also be done via a web-based configuration utility included with the AvaGigE.


  • IP-based spectrometer control
  • Field upgradable and network settings through web interface
  • Can connect multiple AvaGigE to a single network
  • No windows drivers needed: controlled directly through Avantes DLL with ethernet support
  • Maximum network cable length 100 meters (CAT5E or better)


Power input 110-240VAC/50-60Hz Max. 20W
DC Consumption 5V/3.0A Max
Dimension 110 mm (L) X 69.5 mm (W) X 48.5 mm (H)
Communication input 1 Gigabit Ethernet
1 USB 2.0
Data transfer 160 spectra/sec (AvaSpec-ULS2048-USB2 in network with AvaSoft)
300 spectra/sec (Avaspec-ULS2048-USB2 through AvaGigE to PC)
Operating Temperature 0-40 °C
Storage Temperature -25-70°C

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AvaGigE  USB to Ethernet converter with controlling software