OEM spectrometer: Enclosures

OEM spectrometer: Enclosures
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For OEM customers, Avantes offers a line of neutral black enclosures in which either one or two-channel spectrometers can be integrated.

The black enclosures have mounting ears and are available in single and dual channel housing.

Both the AvaBench-45/75 and the AS-5216 electronic board fit into the one-channel OEM housing. Two AvaBenches and two electronic boards will easily fit in the two-channel OEM housing.

For more information on OEM spectrometers, download the PDF brochure.


Material Black aluminum
Size 203 x 106 x 50 mm 203 x 106 x 93 mm
Weight 40 grams 55 grams

Order Info

AVS-HOUSING-IND Neutral black aluminum housing to fit AvaBench-45/75 and AS-5216 board, with mounting ears
AVS-HOUSING-DUAL-IND Two-channel neutral black aluminum housing to fit 2 AvaBench-45/75 and 2 AS-5216 board, with mounting ears