Interface Package for Mac OS

Interface Package for Mac OS
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AvaSpec-DLL Mac OS interface package

The Avantes DLL libraries for Windows and Linux are popular with many spectroscopists who, either due to either desire for custom solutions or out of necessity, write their own custom software applications for use with the AvaSpec series spectrometers. Avantes is proud to announce the latest addition to the AvaSpec-DLL, development of a Mac compatible demo program written in QT.

The Mac OS compatible demo program enables interface with basic spectrometer functionality:

  • Establish a connection to one or more USB connected spectrometers, activate and deactivate.
  • Setting and retrieving device hardware parameters from the spectrometer’s EEPROM
  • Data acquisition and transfer
  • Show and modify EEPROM parameters
  • External trigger settings/control
  • Spectral output in graph XY scale

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