The patented technology and improved optical bench design make the VARIUS™ outperform its predecessors. The VARIUS™ guarantees accuracy and reliability across various applications. Seamlessly integrate with our AvaSoft software and crosslink solutions for enhanced versatility.

Two Versions
The VARIUS spectrometer is available in standard and industrial (OEM) variations. It comes with a 2048 or 4096-pixel detector choice and features USB3 and Gigabit Ethernet high-speed data transfer. The OEM variation has a sturdy steel housing with electromagnetic shielding, specifically designed for seamless integration into your device or system.

With its versatile and flexible design, this device allows for analyzing a wide range of samples and measurements, allowing you to gain insights into your research or application quickly.

Measurement Flexibility
Optimize performance by replacing the slit with different sizes. Experience the new, magnetic connector cover system, which allows easy access for slit replacement and performance customization. Adapt effortlessly to various measurement scenarios for optimal results.

High Reproducibility
Avantes’ automated manufacturing process for the VARIUS™ spectrometer enables us to produce high volumes of these instruments with exceptional efficiency, speed, and accuracy. This automation also ensures reproducibility, making each VARIUS™ spectrometer identical to the next. With this streamlined process, we can deliver high-quality spectrometers faster than ever before.

Product Compatibility
The new VARIUS™ spectrometer is compatible with Avantes light sources, accessories, and AvaSoft software, allowing users to customize setups to match their measurement needs.

VARIUS | Key features

  • Patent-pending technology improved optical bench
  • Great signal-to-noise, sensitivity, and speed performance
  • Measurement flexibility – by changing the slit size
  • Improved temperature stability
  • High unit-to-unit reproducibility
  • High-speed communication up to 5 Gigabit per second

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