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For ultra-fast spectral acquisition the AvaSpec-FAST offers the best solution. Up to 5637 spectra can be stored at 0.20 ms per scan using Avantes' unique store-to-RAM functionality. Depending on the configuration chosen, between 1254 and 5637 spectra can be stored during one burst.

The AvaSpec-FAST series is available in five different configurations; the difference being the number of active pixels. More pixels provide higher resolution or more bandwidth, but slower minimum integration time. For all models, start/stop pixels can be set in our software to increase the number of scans stored on board over a shorter wavelength range.

The AvaSpec-FAST can be configured in CR or SS mode. CR, or continuous run mode, means a single external trigger (through the DB26-connector) results in a customer-set number of scans to be measured automatically. SS-mode, or single scan mode, means a single spectrum is acquired at every external trigger. CR or SS mode must be specified at the time of order.

Possible configurations are single or dual channel, desktop or Rack-mount. The instrument is available with all the options and gratings of the AvaSpec-ULS2048.


FAST Series Model Min Integration Time Pixels Max. Frequency (Hz) in CR-Store to RAM Max amount of spectra Store to RAM
AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2 0.20 ms 350 5000 5637
AvaSpec-ULS750F-USB2 0.40 ms 750 2500 2716
AvaSpec-ULS950F-USB2 0.50 ms 950 2000 2157
AvaSpec-ULS1350F-USB2 0.70 ms 1350 1400 1528
AvaSpec-ULS1650F-USB2 0.85 ms 1650 1100 1254



Lines/mm Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS350F (nm) Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS750F (nm) Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS950F (nm) Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS1350F (nm) Spectral range AvaSpec-ULS1650F (nm)


150 400 850 900 n.a. n.a.


300 190 400 520 750 900


600 90 200 250 360 450


1200 45 100 120 180 210


1800 30 60 80 110 140


2400 20 45 50 80 100


3600 10 27 30 50 60

Order Info

AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2 Ultra-fast Fiber-optic Spectrometer, 75 mm low stray-light AvaBench, 350 pixel CCD detector, USB/RS-232 interface, incl. AvaSoft-Basic, USB2 cable.
Specify grating, wavelength range and options
AvaSpec-ULS750F-USB2 As AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2, but 750 pixel CCD detector
AvaSpec-ULS950F-USB2 As AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2, but 950 pixel CCD detector
AvaSpec-ULS1350F-USB2 As AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2, but 1350 pixel CCD detector
AvaSpec-ULS1650F-USB2 As AvaSpec-ULS350F-USB2, but 1650 pixel CCD detector


 -SPU2 Incl. switch for USB powered USB2 or external power for RS-232
 -RS Replaceable slit
 DUV Deep-UV detector coating >150 nm
DCL-UV/VIS Detector Collection Lens to enhance sensitivity, Quartz, 200-1100 nm
SLIT-XX Slit size, please specify XX = 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 µm
SLIT-XX-RS Replaceable slit with SMA connector, specify slit size XX=25, 50, 100 or 200 µm. Only in combination with AvaSpec-ULSxxxF-USB2-RS
SLIT-XX-RS-FCPC As SLIT-XX-RS, but with FC/PC connector
OSF-YYY-3 Order-sorting filter for reduction of 2nd order effects, 3 mm thick, please specify YYY= 385, 475, 515, 550 or 600 nm
OSC Order-sorting coating with 600 nm long-pass filter for VA, BB (>350 nm) and VB gratings
OSC-UA Order-sorting coating with 350 and 600 nm long-pass filter for UA gratings
OSC-UB Order-sorting coating with 350 and 600 nm long-pass filter for UB or BB (<350 nm) gratings in AvaSpec-ULSxxxF-USB2
 -FCPC FC/PC fiber-optic connector


folder AvaSoft  spectroscopy software

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