Bundle: AvaSpec-LaserChecker

Bundle: AvaSpec-LaserChecker
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This spectrometer/ fiber combination allows you to quickly check the wavelength of your laser.

The AvaSpec-LaserChecker works in the 500-1000nm range with an optical resolution of 0.7nm.

Simply catch the laserlight with the fiber and analyse your laserwavelength with analysis software AvaSoft 8.

Technical data system

Photometric Range 500-1000nm
Resolution 0.7nm 
Fiber Length 1 meter
Dimensions (LxWxH) 95 x 68 x 20 mm
Weight 174 grams


Technical data Spectrometer

Optical Bench ULS Symmetrical Czerny-Turner, 75 mm focal length
Slit 25 µm
Grating MN600-1.00
Wavelength range 500 - 1000 nm
Resolution 0.7 nm
Detector CCD linear array, 3648 pixels
Integration time 10 µs - 10 minutes

USB 2.0 high-speed, 480 Mbps

Software settings AvaSoft Basic

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Grating-MN600-1.00 set for 500-1000nm; Resolution: 0.7nm; OSF475; Slit-25, FC-IR200-1