Bundle: High resolution plasma measurement

Bundle: High resolution plasma measurement
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Plasmas are known for many emission peaks, located closely together. To separate these peaks, Avantes has developed multichannel spectrometers. This 200 to 1030nm quad-channel spectrometer boasts an optical resolution of 0.18-0.22 nm, four times better than a standard AvaSpec-ULS2048 covering the same range. In AvaSoft Spectroscopy Software, the four channels are combined as if you were working with only one spectrometer.

Typical applications:

• Semi-conductor
• Solar cells
• Razor blades
• Fusion reactors
• Glass & coating

Order info: Ava-Plasma-A


4-channel desktop housing
4 x AvaSpec-ULS2048-USB2


• UC (200-458nm), 0.22 nm
• VC (455-683nm), 0.20 nm
• NC (680-874nm), 0.19 nm
• NC (870-1030nm), 0.18 nm

All channels with 10 μm slit,
DCL-UV/VIS detector collection lens &
OSF-600 order sorting filter (where needed) 

Fiber optics

FC4-UVIR400-2 multifurcated fiber




AvaSoft-Full spectroscopy software
SPECline-A analytical software