AvaSpec services and calibrations

AvaSpec services and calibrations
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Wavelength Calibration
All AvaSpec spectrometers come standard with a wavelength calibration and coefficients, to calculate wavelength from pixel number. This information is installed on-board, on the AvaSpec’s EEPROM.
Under normal conditions the wavelength calibration does not need to be redone, since the spectrometers have no moving elements inside. If a wavelength shift is measured versus the original wavelength calibration, the spectrometer can be recalibrated by the end-user, using the Avalight-CAL using the auto-calibration software routine in AvaSoft-Full.
As an option the spectrometer can also be returned to Avantes for recalibration, (Spectral-cal-service). Before returning the spectrometer an RMA authorization number needs to be obtained.

Non-linearity Calibration 
Most detectors of the AvaSpec spectrometers have a good linear behavior in their detector response, which means that there is a better than 95% correlation between raw signal in A/D counts and the light intensity at the spectrometer entrance.
However for some applications, which require a wide dynamic range, such as highly absorbing substances or low light level applications, combined with a need for high accuracy, a non-linearity calibration of the detector is recommended. This NL-calibration is performed on the detector array and the output signal is linearized to better than 99%. A complete calibration report and the calculated NL calibration coefficients are delivered with the spectrometer. For irradiance calibrations the NL-calibration is automatically included.

Irradiance Calibration
Applications that use spectrometers to measure the light energy of radiant sour-ces require an irradiance-calibrated spectrometer. We offer NIST-traceable irradiance calibrations for all AvaSpec spectrometers. Irradiance calibrations (µW/cm2) are normally performed on a system with a fiber-optic cable and a cosine corrector or integrating sphere.  
The irradiance calibrations can be performed over 3 different wavelength ranges, UV (200-400 nm), VIS (360-1100 nm) and NIR (1100-2500 nm). All systems are calibrated against a NIST-traceable irradiance calibration standard and come with a complete report and calibration files, which are stored on the EEPROM of the spectrometer and can be loaded directly into the AvaSoft-IRRAD software module to obtain irradiance parametric measurements.

More information on irradiance can be found in the software section (AvaSoft-IRRAD) and the section Applications - Irradiance Measurements.
As an alternative to Avantes irradiance calibration services, irradiance calibrated light sources, such as AvaLight-DH-BAL-CAL and AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini are available to perform your own irradiance calibration.

Ordering Information


Spectral calibration service for an AvaSpec, incl. calibration sheet


Non-linearity calibration service (per channel)

Irradiance calibration service UV range (200-400 nm) per channel, FC/PC connector recommended, FC/PC connector recommended, including NL-calibration, needs AvaSoft-Full, AvaSoft-Irrad and presolarized fibers (PRESOL)


Irradiance calibration service VIS range (360-1100nm) per channel, incl. NL-calibration, needs AvaSoft-FULL and AvaSoft-IRRAD


Irradiance calibration service NIR range (1100-2500nm) per channel, incl. NL-calibration, needs AvaSoft-FULL and AvaSoft-IRRAD


Irradiance calibration service UV/VIS range (200-1100 nm) per channel, FC/PC connector recommended, including NL-calibration, needs AvaSoft-Full, AvaSoft-Irrad and presolarized fibers (PRESOL)
(calibration standardly performed without Stray Light Correction Algorithm, if applicable)