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  1. Reduce the noise in the middle of a merged spectrum:
  2. When the spectrometers have an overlap of 100nm to 200nm we can adjust the signal  for both spectrometers in the system options. The measurement settings can be changed to the requirements.                  
  3. For example we have an UV/VIS spectrometer up to 1100nm and a NIR spectrometer that begins at 1000nm. We can reduce the noise by set the stop wavelength of the UV/VIS spectrometer to 1075 and set the start wavelength of the NIR spectrometer to 1025 nm.
  4. In that case we use 50nm to merge the signal.
  5. This decreases the noise. By changing the values an optimum can be created .
  6. Then you can go further with merging the channels.