Theoretical background: OEM

Avantes as your OEM partner

Avantes has over 20 years of experience in applying spectroscopy and optical sensing technologies to enumerable environments and industries. Our partnership approach to working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is at the core of our success and philosophy as a business. For our OEM brochure click HERE

Working together with you

Avantes Sales Engineers follow a methodical discovery process with potential OEM customers to ensure our solution recommendation closely aligns with the needs of our customers. Upon reaching a consensus with our customers our team of engineers and support personnel works collaboratively to ensure successful integration and maximum interoperability. Avantes spectrometers, light sources and fiber optic sampling accessories provide the enabling technology for spectroscopy and material characterizations in these and many other industries:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Agriculture
  • Lighting
  • Biomedical Technologies
  • Metallurgy
  • Semiconductor/Thin Film

OEM spectrometer

AvaSpec - The OEM Spectrometer

The AvaSpec suite of instruments was designed with the rigors of OEM applications in mind. AvaSpec instruments offer superior resolution, sensivity, and electronic controls relative to comparable instruments on the market today. Avantes OEM customers are provided with a comprehensive OEM manual that details interfaces, wiring diagrams, instrument pinouts and connection information.

OEM optical bench

AvaBench Optical Bench

Avantes offers a range of high quality optical benches for OEM customers. The AvaBench-37.5, AvaBench-45, AvaBench-50, and AvaBench-75 all feature symmetrical Czerny-Turner design with a choice of fiber optic entrance connectors (SMA 905, FC/PC, ST). The AvaBench can be configured with any one of over 20 standard gratings covering 160-2500 nm and 16 detector arrays selected to meet the requirements of each application. Grating options range from a 150 line/mm grating for broadband applications through a 3600 line/mm grating for ultra-high resolution measurements. Avantes choice of detector arrays enables customer to meet the gamut of cost, sensitivity, resolution and signal to noise requirements associated with their OEM spectroscopy applications. Additional options include UV coatings, irradiance/non-linearity calibrations and detector collection lenses. For more detailed information about the Avabench, please click below.

Customization of Avantes optical bench designs is also available. Avantes optical bench technology can be integrated with customer’s proprietary or third party electronic boards, but can be best leveraged in combination with Avantes' proprietary AS5216 and ASC5216 electronics boards.

OEM electronics controllers

Electronics Controllers - AS-5216 & ASC-5216

Avantes optical benches can be controlled via our distinct electronics platforms. The AS-5216 and ASC-5216 platforms are capable of supporting all detector types and optical benches and provide superior performance and optimal configurability.

OEM software interface

Software Interface

Avantes proprietary AvaSoft operating software enables OEM customers to collect and save spectra in absorbance, reflection, transmittance, irradiance and scope modes. In addition to our base software solution, Avantes offers a variety of modular software add-ons for color measurement, thin film, process control and chemometry.

Most OEM applications prefer a more directed software solution for each application. Avantes Dynamic Linking Library (DLL) interface facilitates instrument control outside of our proprietary software. This interface contains functions that enable setting/getting hardware parameters from the spectrometers, designing functions for data acquisition, establishing communication with one, or multiple spectrometers and communication with other devices using TTL, digital, and analog input and output signals. The interface package also includes a number of sample programs developed to initiate writing an application in C++, Visual Basic, LabView, CSharp, Delphi and others. OEM customers are provided with a detailed manual on our DLL interface as well as direct software development support.

More information

For more information about Avantes OEM Solutions, please contact as . We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with your application.