Our state of the art modular software is available as a scalable platform:

  • AvaSoft-Basic: Everything needed for basic measurements and controlling your AvaSpec series spectrometer, including basic data acquisition. Basic allows you to save and display data in the following modes: scope, transmission, absorption and relative irradiance.
  • AvaSoft-Full: Includes all possibilities of AvaSoft-Basic and adds many other options, such as history channel functions, auto-calibration procedures and external triggering.
  • Application add-on modules for AvaSoft-Full enable special measurement procedures: color measurements, absolute irradiance, chemometrics, process control and real-time export to Excel.
  • AvaSoft-All, which includes AvaSoft-Full and all application modules in one package.
  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL) interface packages with support for basic spectrometer control, color measurements and irradiance measurements.