The heart of most AvaSpec fiber-optic spectrometers is an optical bench with 37.5, 45, 50 or 75 mm focal length, developed in a symmetrical Czerny-Turner design. Light enters the optical bench through a standard SMA-905 connector and is collimated by a spherical mirror. A plain grating diffracts the collimated light; a second spherical mirror focuses the resulting diffracted light. An image of the spectrum is projected onto a 1-dimensional linear detector array.
optical bench
Avantes AvaSpec-HS1024x58/122 high-sensitivity spectrometers have a revolutionary new optical bench design with multiple toroid mirrors which ensure that the full numerical aperture of the fiber entrance will be projected on the backthinned CCD array.

All of our optical benches have a number of components installed inside, allowing a wide variety of different configurations, depending on the intended application. The choice of these components such as the diffraction grating, entrance slit, order-sorting filter, and detector coating have a strong influence on system specifications such as sensitivity, resolution, bandwidth and stray-light. Each of these specification is discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.