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Spectroscopy Experience Lab
Spectroscopy Experience Lab
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Friday, 03 February 2017

Welcome to Avantes’ Spectroscopy Experience Lab

The Avantes headquarters in Apeldoorn, Netherlands is excited to host the Avantes Spectroscopy Experience Lab. We invite visitors to come to our headquarters, tour our facilities and demo our top-of-the-line products with the assistance of our trained optical spectroscopy experts. Email us to plan your trip today!

More than Just Feasibility Testing 

The Spectroscopy Experience Lab offers more than ordinary feasibility testing (although we do still offer that). In the Experience Lab, visitors can see several Avantes systems configured for different applications and work with Avantes’ trained personnel to perform their own tests.

Our trained staff is on hand to make sure our Experience Lab visitors have dedicated support to demonstrate measurement processes and help perform feasibility testing.

Hands-On Demonstrations

Experience Lab visitors have the opportunity to test different equipment configurations, sampling methods, and software integration with the help of experts on-hand to assist. There are several standard application configurations, as well as industry standard filters and samples available to use, or visitors can arrange to bring their own samples and components to test.

Color/Reflection Measurements

The Color/Reflection station utilizes the AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO-RS spectrometer which features the newest CMOS detector array and our top-of-the-line EVO 7010 electronics board.

RAMAN Spectroscopy

Raman spectra measurements can be challenging and this is why we offer the AvaSpec-HERO high sensitivity/high resolution spectrometer. This instrument combined with our high throughput Raman probe provide for a superb Raman configuration.

Thin Film Metrology

The Experience Lab thin film station puts the AvaSpec-ULS2048L-USB2 to the test again, this time with the AvaLight-DHc for measurements in the UV/VIS (200-1100 nm) range or the AvaLight-HAL-Mini halogen source for measurements in the 360-2500 nm range.

Absorbance, Transmission, Irradiance, and More

Further testing stations are configured for absorbance/ transmission, irradiance and fluorescence measurements. While the Experience Lab is equipped and designed around testing common configurations, we also offer an experimental station equipped with a temperature chamber and optical breadboard perfect for testing temperature effects, trigger signals, and equipment integration.

Keep your Data

When you visit the Experience Lab, you can expect a report on your testing and data results compiled by our Experience Lab staff which you can share with colleagues.

Planning Your Visit

Planning a visit to the Avantes Spectroscopy Experience Lab is easy. Begin planning your trip by arranging your visit through your sales engineer or email our headquarters directly to set up an appointment.

Apeldoorn is easily accessible from Schiphol airport in Amsterdam by car or train and this picturesque town has many lodging options. We recommend the Hotel Het Veluwse Bos near the grounds of the Royal Palace at Het Loo.

Experience Lab too Far?

Is Apeldoorn too far to travel? We still offer traditional feasibility testing. Please arrange for feasibility testing through your sales engineer or distributor before sending any samples. **For safety reasons, we cannot accept any samples without prior approval**

After testing is complete, our lab furnishes you with a fully detailed report of the results. If you require your samples to be returned, we are happy to return them after testing.

Extended Demo Program

Avantes continues to offer an extensive demo program for spectrometry users that have complex equipment evaluation requirements that we can’t replicate in our lab. Inquire about an extended demo with us today!