AvaSoft is our own software application that we developed to manage all Avantes spectrometers and a wide range of accessories. The latest version can be used with the latest Windows versions. Since the initial version of AvaSoft in 1996, a major upgrade has been released at least once a year, featuring new options and possibilities.

Different Versions

Our state-of-the-art modular software is available as a scalable platform:

  • AvaSoft-Basic: Everything needed for basic measurements and managing your AvaSpec series spectrometer, including basic data acquisition. Basic allows you to save and display data in the following modes: scope, transmission, absorption, and relative irradiance.
  • AvaSoft-Full: Includes all possibilities of AvaSoft-Basic and adds many other options, such as history channel functions, auto-calibration procedures and external triggering.
  • Application add-on modules for AvaSoft-Full enable special measurement procedures: colour measurements, absolute irradiance, chemometrics, process control, and real-time export to Excel.
  • AvaSoft-All, which includes AvaSoft-Full and all application modules in a single package.
  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL) interface packages with support for basic spectrometer control, colour measurements, and irradiance measurements.

Free to Download

The most recent release of AvaSoft can be downloaded free of charge. The downloaded AvaSoft can be used by customers who already have an AvaSpec spectrometer and want to update their software version, but also by anyone who wants to try out the AvaSoft-FULL version and/or add-on applications.

When no spectrometer is connected to the computer, AvaSoft will start in demo mode, making it ideal to try out our software. In demo-mode, the software will work as AvaSoft-Full, making it possible to test spectrometer functions and display and analyze spectra offline.