For some measurements, a reflection probe that can be coupled to two spectrometers and a light source is needed. A good example is a reflection measurement in the UV/VIS and NIR range. For these situations, Avantes offers our reflection probes with multiple legs.

The light from a light source is coupled into a fiber bundle, consisting of 17 illumination fibers which transport the light to the end of the probe. The reflected light is uniformly reflected into the two read fibers, each of which is connected to a spectrometer. For measurements under a 90° angle, the FCR-90-Option has been developed. It is an adapter with a mirror mounted at 45° and can be easily mounted to the tip of these reflection probes. To accurately focus a small measurement spot from a higher distance, the FCR-COL adjustable US/VIS/NIR collimating/focusing lens is available and can be mounted to the tip of these probes.

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Product Information

Fibers 19 fibers 200 µm core, 17 light-fibers, 2 read fibers in 2 separate legs, N.A.= 0.22. Standard 2 m length, splitting point in the middle
Wavelength range 200-2500 nm (UV/VIS/NIR)
Connectors SMA-905 connectors (3x)
Probe end Stainless steel 316 cylinder, 50 mm long x 6.35 mm diameter. Optionally –PK for PEEK or –HY for Hastelloy® C276 (on request)
Jacketing The optical fibers are protected by a silicon inner tube and a flexible stainless steel (BX, O.D. 6.0 mm) or chrome plated brass (ME, 5.0 mm) outer jacket. The jacketing also provides stress relief
Temperature -30°C to 100°C. (-HT version 200°C)
Pressure Probe head 50 bar @ 25°C
Bending Minimum bend radius: Short term (few seconds) 20 mm, long term: 120 mm
FCR-19UVIR200-2-BX/ME* Reflection probe UV/VIS/NIR, 17 x 200 µm UV/VIS illumination fibers, 2 read UV/VIS fibers in separate legs, 2 m length, 3 SMA term
FCR-90-Option 90° Reflection add-on reflector for use with all ¼” reflection probes
FCR-COL Adjustable UV/VIS/NIR Collimating/focusing lens FCR probes

*Please specify jacket material

-HT High-temperature version (up to 200°C)