A C-mount adapter is available to easily mount an Avantes fibre-optic spectrometer to a microscope. It connects to an SMA or FC/PC fibre-optic cable and features an outside diameter of 38mm: 35mm long to slide inside the tube of a microscope.

A special adapter with C-mount 1 inch-32 thread is available as AVS-MFA-SMA to screw onto a microscope.

Product Information

Fiber-optic connection SMA SMA FC/PC
Microscope mount 1 inch-32 Cmount thread 38 mm diameter 38 mm diameter
Material Black anodized aluminum Black anodized aluminum Black anodized aluminum
AVS-MFA-SMA C-mount adapter for Olympus, SMA connector
AVS-CMOUNT-SMA C-mount adapter, SMA connector
AVS-CMOUNT-FCPC C-mount adapter, FC/PC connector