Irradiance measures how much light reaches a specific place. This irradiance bundle includes a cosine corrector to collect light from a 180-degree angle, making the measurements precise. The comprehensive AvaSoft-Irrad software makes it possible to perform fully calibrated, traceable radiometric and photometric measurements.

Typical Applications:

• Solar lighting
• Environmental lighting & general lighting

Irradiance Bundle Components:

• Spectrometer: Ideal for analyzing spectral irradiance from 200 – 1100 nm
Fiber Optics: Cable with flexible chrome-plated brass outer jacket and hooked profile
Accessories: Cosine corrector that provides uniform input from a known surface area for accurate irradiance measurements
Software: AvaSoft-Full with irradiance add-on that facilitates fully calibrated, traceable radiometric and spectroradiometric measurements

Example Bundle Setup:

Irradiance bundle

Customizable Options

Every measurement task is unique, and our modular system allows you to tailor the spectrometer setup to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help you configure the ideal measurement setup for your application.

Spectrometer AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO Grating UA (200-1100 nm), 25 µm, FC/PC slit, DCL-UV/VIS-200, OSC-UA, AvaSoft-Full & AvaSoft-Irrad, Irrad-CAL-UV/VIS
Fiber optics FC-UVIR200-2-ME-FC/SMA (presol)
Included CC-VIS/NIR