More and more countries are banning incandescent lamps from being sold, hugely boosting LED sales. Avantes offers the necessary tools for the photometric and radiometric measurement of LED lights. The spectrometer in this bundle is irradiance calibrated in order to obtain absolute values.

Typical applications:

• Irradiance
• Illuminance
• Radiometric & photometric flux
• Luminous intensity
• Color coordinates

  • Technical Data

Spectrometer AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO Grating VA (350-1000 nm), 25 µm FC/PC slit, DCL-UV/VIS-200, OSC, AvaSoft-Full & AvaSoft-Irrad IRRAD-CAL-VIS
Fiber optics FC-UVIR600-2-ME-FC/SMA
Included AvaSphere-50-IRRAD AvaSphere LED adapter