For effective measurement of fluorescence, Avantes offers this specially designed reflection probe. It features 12 excitation fibers of 200 μm around a 600 μm read fiber, which transports the fluorescence signal back to the spectrometer.

To turn the 45° reflection probe into a fluorescence probe, a special reflector accessory, FCR-FLTIP-IND, is attached to the probe end. It prevents ambient light to enter the probe and backscatters the excitation light. This increases the typically low fluorescence signal. The fluid channel path can be varied between 0 and 5 mm.

Product Information

Fiber illumination 12 fibers of 200 µm, UV/VIS
Fiber detection 1 fiber of 600 µm
Wavelength range 200-2500 nm (UV/VIS/NIR)
Connector 2 x SMA-905
Probe end Stainless steel 316 cylinder, 128 mm long x 12,7 mm (½”) diameter. The probe end contains a ca. 10 mm diameter x 1 mm thick sapphire window with anti-reflection coating. The probe tip is exchangeable and waterproof. Optionally –PK for PEEK or –HY for Hastelloy® C276
Jacketing The optical fibers are protected by a silicon inner tube and a flexible stainless steel (BX, O.D. 6.0 mm) or chrome plated brass (ME, 5.0 mm) outer jacket. The jacketing also gives stress relieve. Optionally a waterproof, steel reinforced, silicon jacket can be provided
Temperature -30°C to 100°C (-HT version 200°C)
Pressure Probe head 10 bar @ 25ºC
Bending Minimum bend radius: short term (few seconds) 60 mm, long term: 360 mm
FCR-UVIR 200/600-2-IND ½" reflection probe for fluorescence applications
FCR-FLTIP-IND Fluorescence reflector accessory for ½” FCR-UV200/600-2-IND probes
-HT High-temperature version (up to 200°C)