RPH-1 Reflection Probe Holder

The RPH-1 is to be used with our standard reflection probes, which are 6.5mm in diameter. The holder enables positioning of the probe tip in two angles: 45 degrees for diffuse reflection measurements and 90 degrees (normal to sample) for specular reflection. This assembly is mostly used to facilitate colour measurements.

A setscrew is included to mount the probe into position. The RPH-1 is a small device, measuring only 60 by 30 by 30 millimetres. It’s made of black anodized aluminium.


AFH-15 Angled Fibre Holder

The AFH-15 is the ideal accessory for conducting an angled measurement with a small 1.5mm reflection probe or 1.5mm stainless-steel ferrule terminated fibres. Offering angles including 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90°, reflection measurements with differing incident and collection angle can be easily made with multiple, separate fibres for illumination and detection.

All 11 holes have a diameter of 1.6mm and are equipped with a setscrew to mount the probes or fibres into position. The AFH-15 is made of black anodized aluminium.

AFH 15


Measurements on a small spot (less than 0.5mm) can be challenging but the AFH-Ocular makes the job easier. The ocular enables visual location of the measurement spot on your sample. The holder is used in conjunction with our miniaturized reflection probe (FCR-7UVIR100-2-1×25) which has 7 x 100 μm fibers in a 6 around 1 configuration and the tip is 1mm in diameter x 25mm long.

Please note that a black cover over the ocular (not included) should be used during measuring to prevent ambient light from reaching the measurement spot.

AFH Ocular

Product Information

RPH-1 Reflection probe holder for 45/90 degree mounting of 6.5 mm reflection probes
AFH-15 Angled fiber probe holder for measuring under different angles, needs 1,5 mm ferrule terminated fibers
FC-UVIR200-2-1.5×40 Fiber cable, 200 μm UV/VIS fiber, 2 m long, one end with SMA connector, other end with stainless steel ferrule, OD=1.5 mm x 40 mm length
AFH-Ocular Angled fiber probe holder for precise measurements under 45 degrees incl. ocular
FCR-7UV100-2-1×25 Reflection probe with 7×100 μm UV/VIS fibers to 1×25 mm stainless steel ferrule, 2 m long with PVC/Kevlar protection sleeve and 2 SMA connectors