Unlock the potential of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy for real-time moisture content analysis with our new application note. Imagine a world where precise moisture measurements are at your fingertips, enabling you to optimize processes, ensure quality, and make informed decisions across diverse industries like Pharmaceuticals, Food, Chemistry, Agriculture, and Construction. NIR spectroscopy is the key to unlocking this world of possibilities. By harnessing the non-destructive nature of NIR spectroscopy, you can swiftly and accurately measure moisture content without altering your valuable samples.

Our application note spotlights the case of moisture assessment in silica granulates used in the rubber industry, illuminating the path toward precision. The journey doesn’t stop here—discover the optimal setups for distinct scenarios. When moisture bands are prominently present, the Avaspec-NIR256-1.7-EVO, paired with Avalight-Hal-s-Mini and fiber, delivers exceptional results. The Avaspec-NIR256-2.5-HSC-EVO, combined with the same accessories, rises to the occasion for challenges like low moisture concentrations and intricate sample differentiation.

As you navigate the world of moisture measurement, establishing robust chemometric models stands as a game-changer. With our guidance, you’ll uncover the secrets to correlating varying moisture levels with water bands, bringing you closer to a comprehensive understanding. By seamlessly integrating Avantes NIR spectrometers with advanced chemometric models, efficient, non-destructive, and accurate moisture detection emerges.

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