In order to correct fluctuations and drift from your light source, periodic referencing is required. To facilitate this, Avantes offers this series of reflection probes with a self-referencing feature.

The light coming from the light source is bundled into 12 fibers, which are split into two 6-fiber bundles. One of these bundles is carried to the probe end for sample measurement and the other bundle of 6 are directed to a white reflection tile built into the probe to provide a light source reference. This reference leg is connected to a slave spectrometer channel dedicated to light source referencing or may be routed to a single channel via a fiber-optic (contact a Sales Engineer about this special configuration). On the measurement side, the probe end has a seventh fiber, which reflects light back to the master spectrometer channel.

featured image reflection probe reference  3 legs

Product Information

Fibers 14 fibers 200 µm core, 12 light-fibers, 2 x 1 read fiber, N.A.= 0.22. Standard 2 m length, splitting point in the middle
Wavelength range 200-2500 nm (UV/VIS/NIR)
Connectors SMA-905 connectors (3x)
Probe end Stainless steel 316 cylinder, 50 mm long x 6.35 mm diameter . Optionally –PK for PEEK or –HY for Hastelloy® C276 (on request)
Jacketing The optical fibers are protected by a silicon inner tube and a flexible stainless steel (BX, O.D. 6.0 mm) or chrome plated brass (ME, 5.0 mm) outer jacket. The jacketing also gives stress relieve
Temperature -30°C to 100°C. (-HT version 200°C)
Pressure Probe head 50 bar @ 25°C
Bending Minimum bend radius: short term (few seconds) 20 mm, long term: 120 mm
FCR-14UVIR200-2-REF-BX/ME* Reflection probe with reference, 14 x 200 µm fibers, 2 m length, SMA term

*Please specify jacket material

-HT High-temperature version (up to 200°C)