Calibrating your spectrometer has never been easier: the AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini and Avalight-DH-CAL are NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology)-traceable, calibrated light sources used to measure absolute spectral intensity.

The AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini is a compact, affordable light source. It is calibrated for the visible range (350-1095 nm). Optionally, an extended calibration for the near-infrared spectral range (1100 – 2500 nm) can be ordered. It has a built-in diffuser, a cosine corrector with SMA adapter and comes with a calibration file in ASCII format. Calibration can be done using the AvaSoft software.

The AvaLight-HAL-CAL-ISPxx-Mini is a special version of the Avalight-HAL-CAL-Mini, which enables coupling any of Avantes’ AvaSphere-xx-IRRAD integrating spheres to the lightsource (xx = 30, 50 or 80) for calibration. This source is supplied with a special bottom plate to stabilize the AvaSphere. The Avalight-HAL-CAL-Mini and Avalight-HAL-CAL-ISPxx-Mini include a power supply.


  • Field calibration
  • Visible and optional NIR range
  • Built-in diffuser
  • Compact and versatile


For calibrations in the ultraviolet and visible range (200 – 1099 nm), the AvaLight-DH-CAL is the best solution. This source can be used with all AvaSpec spectrometers to calibrate for absolute spectral intensity. It is supplied with a built-in diffuser, a cosine corrector (CC-VIS/NIR) with SMA adapter, and a USB containing the calibration files in ASCII format.

AvaLight DH CAL Centred

Two calibration files are included: one for irradiance calibration over the full range (200 – 1099 nm) and one over the visible and near-infrared range (350-1099 nm). For the first file, both the deuterium and the halogen bulb should be used during calibration. The second file is to be used with only the halogen light. The halogen-only spectrum provides a smoother black-body calibration spectrum for the longer wavelengths.

For a more balanced spectrum across the 200 to 1100 nm range, Avantes offers the AvaLight-DH-BAL-CAL. For ultraviolet range calibration only (200-400 nm), the AvaLight-D-CAL is the right choice.

The calibration files can be imported into the AvaSoft-IRRAD application software, for intensity calibration which turns your spectrometer into a spectroradiometer.

The AvaLight-DH-CAL-ISPxx is a special version of these calibrated light sources, meant to facilitate coupling of the AvaSphere-xx-IRRAD integrating spheres to the light source. (xx is 30, 50 or 80). The AvaLight-DH-CAL, AvaLight-DH-BAL-CAL and AvaLight-D-BAL-CAL all include a power supply.

image 8
Spectral output AvaLight-HAL-CAL and AvaLight-DH-CAL

Product Information

AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini AvaLight-DH-(BAL-)CAL
Calibration use Irradiance µW cm-2 nm-1 Irradiance µW cm-2 nm-1
Calibration surface CC-VIS/NIR or AvaSphere CC-VIS/NIR or AvaSphere
Wavelength range 350-1095nm/1100-2500 nm* 200-1099nm
Calibration repeatability ± 0.5 % ±1.0 %
Calibration relative uncertainty to NIST standard ±5.0% (350-1100 nm); 3.5%(1100-1950); 5.0% (1950-2500nm) ±10% (200-240 nm);9% (240-350 nm);10% (350-400 nm);9.5%(400-1100 nm)
Calibration valid for 60 hrs 60 hrs
Warm-up time Ca. 15 min Ca. 30 min
Bulb output 170 µW cm-2 nm-1 (@800 nm) 80 µW cm-2 nm-1 (@215 nm); 5 µW cm-2 nm-1 (@800 nm)
Power requirement 12 V/2.08 A 100-240 VAC
Dimensions 150 x 78 x 37 mm 315 x 165 x 140 nm

*Optional extended range NIR calibration

AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini NIST traceable Halogen Lamp with CC- VIS/NIR diffuser, incl. PS-12V/2.08A
AvaLight-HAL-CAL-ISP30-Mini NIST traceable Halogen Lamp for use with AvaSphere-30-IRRAD, incl. PS-12V/2.08A and special sphere holder bottom plate
AvaLight-HAL-CAL-ISP50-Mini As AvaLight-HAL-CAL-ISP30 for use with AvaSphere-50-IRRAD
AvaLight-HAL-CAL-ISP80-Mini As AvaLight-HAL-CAL-ISP30 for use with AvaSphere-80-IRRAD
HL-Recal AvaLight-HAL-CAL recalibration service 350-1095 nm
HL-Recal-NIR AvaLight-HAL-CAL extended or recalibration service 1100-2500 nm
AvaLight-D-CAL NIST traceable UV Deuterium Lamp with CC-VIS/NIR diffuser, -SR fibers recommended
AvaLight-DH-CAL NIST traceable UV/VIS Deuterium/Halogen Lamp with CC-VIS/NIR diffuser, -SR fiber recommended
AvaLight-DH-BAL-CAL As AvaLight-DH-CAL, but balanced UV/VIS Deuterium/Halogen
AvaLight-DH-CAL-ISP30 NIST traceable UV/VIS Deuterium/Halogen Lamp for use with AvaSphere-30-IRRAD, incl. special sphere holder bottom plate, -SR fibers recommended
AvaLight-DH-CAL-ISP50 As AvaLight-DH-CAL-ISP30 for use with AvaSphere-50-IRRAD
AvaLight-DH-CAL-ISP80 As AvaLight-DH-CAL-ISP30 for use with AvaSphere-80-IRRAD
DH-recal AvaLight-DH-CAL recalibration service 200-1099 nm
AvaSoft-IRRAD Irradiance add-on software, to be ordered with AvaSoft-Full