Indocyanine Green (ICG) is a powdered dye used for fluorescence imaging in various medical applications. ICG emits fluorescence between 750 nm and 950 nm with maximum values of approximately 810 nm when dissolved in water.

For medical applications, ICG powder is dissolved in sterile water, preparing the solution for injection. The injection solutions are highly concentrated but differ based on the application. Some of the uses for ICG consist of hepatic function studies (preparative tests for major liver surgery), ophthalmic angiograms (tests on blood vessels and other structures in the back of the eye), and lymphatic mapping (lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, and lymphatic fluid).

In this experiment, Indocyanine Green concentrations were made in the range of 2 to 50 micromolar. A micromolar is a concentration of one-millionth molecular weight per liter. This range allows light to pass through the solution without fully absorbing it. With a Raman setup, we analyzed the concentrations.

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