For even higher resolution than the quad-channel spectrometer of the high-resolution plasma measurement bundle, this version features eight channels, with an optical resolution of up to 0.09 nm. The wavelength range is from 200 to 930 nm, which means it detects from
ultraviolet, through visible, up to near-infrared light.

The system is supplied in a 19” rack-mountable enclosure.

Typical applications:

• Semiconductors
• Solar cells
• Razor blades
• Fusion reactors
• Glass & coatings

Spectrometer 8-channel 19” rackmountable enclosure; n8 x AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO All channels with 10 μm slit, DCL-UV/VIS-200 and OSF-600 (where needed) nn
Gratings UE (200-300 nm), 0.13 nm; UE (300-390 nm), 0.12 nm; UE (380-460 nm), 0.11 nm; UE (460-530 nm), 0.10 nm; VE (530-588 nm), 0.09 nm; VE (570-620 nm), 0.09 nm; NC (620-780 nm), 0.24 nm; NC (780-930 nm), 0.22 nm
Fiber optics FC8-UVIR400-2-ME
Software AvaSoft-Full, SPECline-A