The AvaSpec StarLine series of instruments is comprised of high-performance spectrometers that exceed the demands of most general spectroscopy applications. This instrument line offers a wide array of solutions for various uses while providing excellent price-to-performance ratios.

Our latest product, the VARIUS spectrometer, represents the pinnacle of spectral analysis technology. It incorporates cutting-edge, patent-pending innovations, setting a new standard in the field. Available in both industrial and non-industrial versions, VARIUS is designed to cater to a wide range of applications, from robust industrial environments to precise laboratory settings.

Each version can be configured with either a 2048 or 4096-pixel detector, offering unparalleled resolution and accuracy. Whether you need detailed analysis for research or reliable measurements for industrial processes, the VARIUS spectrometer delivers exceptional performance, flexibility, and precision, making it an outstanding choice for your spectral analysis needs.

    The AvaSpec StarLine instruments are fully integrated with Avantes’ modular platform, allowing them to function as both standalone and multi-channel instruments. These products are fully compatible with other AvaSpec devices in our AvaSpec SensLine and NIRLine. The entire AvaSpec StarLine is available as an individual lab instrument and an OEM module for integration into customers’ existing systems. 

    VARIUS | Precision Redefined

    • Patent-pending technology improved optical bench
    • Great signal-to-noise, sensitivity, and speed performance
    • Measurement flexibility – by changing the slit size
    • Improved temperature stability
    • High unit-to-unit reproducibility
    • High-speed communication up to 5 Gigabit per second

    Discover the VARIUS!

    To learn more about all the available options and to find the perfect setup that matches your needs, feel free to discuss your requirements with our sales engineers. The possibilities are virtually endless!