For some applications a very specific fiber or probe is needed. Avantes has 30 years of experience in designing the custom probes for unique applications.

Avantes has significant expertise in designing fiber optics for high-temperature (HTX), high-pressure (HP), vacuum, and other difficult conditions. Our wide variety of standard and custom materials can be configured to provide a fiber assembly which can meet the challenges of your application.

Below are some examples of our special designs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

High-temperature UV/VIS/NIR probe with gas connection

The universities of Bochum in Germany and Utrecht in the Netherlands contacted us with a problem conducting high-temperature measurements at low pressure of dehydrogenation of propane: ideal conditions for the creation of cokes. Therefore every time the probe was contaminated with coke residue on the tip, meaning they could only do a single test, after which they had to replace the probe.

Avantes responded by designing this high-temperature probe. It’s resistant to temperatures of 700 degrees centigrade or more and features a connection for gas insertion into the probe. So far, during one test the probe was used over 150 hours continuously, with temperatures of 550-600 degrees. The gas used was nitrogen. The result was a clean tip, a re-usable probe, and very happy customers.

Custom Fibre Assemblies Probes Figure 1

Chemically resistant reflection probe

In chemical environments, standard reflection probes have a huge disadvantage: many chemicals interfere with the glue used to construct the probes. This version eliminates this disadvantage: all connections are mechanical, and sapphire windows and o-rings are used. The material used is stainless steel 310, which is chemically resistant as well.

A reflection probe is inserted into the back of this probe: it serves as a protective sleeve. The path length is variable and may measure up to 30mm.

Custom Fibre Assemblies Probes Figure 2