Avantes offers this specially designed series of reflection probes to effectively measure reflection in powders and thick fluids.  The probes allow the user to simply dip the probe into the powder or thick fluids to conduct the measurements.

The illumination leg of the probe is connected to a light source and carries light to the sample via a bundle of six fibers. At the probe tip, a 45-degree fused silica window illuminates the sample and collects the indirect reflections, which are carried by a single fiber to the spectrometer. The 45-degree angle of the probe prevents the measurements of direct back reflection from the window, thus improving the dynamic range of your measurement.

Product Information

Fibers 7 fibers 200 µm core, 6 light-fibers, 1 read fiber, N.A.= 0.22. Standard 2 meter length
Wavelength range 200-2500 nm (UV/VIS/NIR)
Connectors SMA-905 connectors (2x)
Probe end Stainless steel 316 cylinder, 140 mm long x 6.0 mm diameter. The probe end contains a 5 mm diam. x 1 mm thick fused silica window. Waterproof. Optionally – HY for Hastelloy® C276 (on request)
Jacketing The optical fibers are protected by a silicon inner tube and a flexible stainless steel (BX, O.D. 6.0 mm) or chrome plated brass (ME, O.D. 5.0 mm) outer jacket. The jacketing also provides stress relief
Temperature -30°C to 100°C. (-HT version 200°C)
Pressure Probe head 10 bar @ 25°C
Bending Minimum bend radius: short term (few seconds) 20 mm, long term: 120 mm
FCR-7UVIR200-2-45-BX/ME* Reflection probe for powders and turbid fluids

*Please specify jacket material

-HT High-temperature version (up to 200°C)