Measuring Absorbance & Transmittance of Allura Red Azo Dye

For this experiment, we measured the absorbance and transmittance of an Allura Red solution mixed with a bleach solution. Allura Red is a powdered azo dye that is used in the food, cosmetic, drug, leather, and paper industries. If they are systemically absorbed, azo dyes can be metabolized via azoreductases of intestinal microflora by liver cells and skin surface bacteria. This metabolism leads to aromatic amines that can be hazardous. They can also be released into ecosystems through water waste, for example, in the textile industry.

With the help of a spectrometer, it is possible to retrieve important data on dye degradation. You can, for example, measure the dye concentration in water and analyze under which conditions it is broken down the fastest. This data can support quality control and safety regulations.

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